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Are you troubled by someone's drinking?

Welcome to Al-Anon Family Groups in Israel – Strength and hope for families & friends of alcoholics.

Al-Anon Family Groups in Israel provide a welcoming haven for newcomers and long-time Al-Anon members, who either live in Israel, are just visiting, or who want to connect to our groups on Zoom from other parts of the world. 


We have a number of in-person meetings in different cities in Israel in English, Hebrew, and Russian. Our Zoom meetings that started during the COVID era, have attracted and become home to people all over Israel and the world.

Helping Children from Families of Alcoholics Addicts
a monthly series of speakers

The basics of kid‐friendly language surrounding addiction and recovery, and how to  start the conversation with children so that they can be part of the family recovery  journey.  

Sponsored by Hope and Serenity in the Galil Al‐Anon Family Group  Monday, 4 March, 2024  


Time of meeting:  

7:00 PM (19:00) Israel  

5:00 PM (17:00) GMT  

12:00 Noon USA Eastern Time  


Zoom Link:  

Meeting ID: 865 0278 7198  

Passcode: 12steps  


This is the Second Speaker’s meeting in the Series:

Helping Children from Families of  Alcoholics Addicts  


For more information email:  

Intended for everyone: The general public, members of all twelve‐step fellowships,  all parents, grandparents, health care professionals   

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